Accessing Registration Forms

This will guide administrators through the process of accessing Registration Forms so they can notify their members know they are open for registrations.  

1. Select Registrations from the top navigation bar and click on Registration Forms, there are two National NZRL Registration Forms which appear these are listed below:  

  • 2018 NZRL Player Registration Form   
  • 2018 NZRL Coach & Volunteer Registration Form  

2. Select view next to the registration form you wish to access as shown below.

3. The registration form will now open in a new window/tab, the url (link) at the top of the page as shown below is unique to your club - simply copy this link.  

To copy the link, ensure the whole line is selected.  Using your keyboard, hold down the Ctrl Key and letter C at the same time. This will ensure that the link has been copied.

Now that you have copied the URL (link) that is unique to your club, you need to paste it somewhere for your members to access it.  Then, you can notify your members you are open for Registrations.  Why not post this link on your clubs Facebook Page, create a news story on your website, use the Registration Form widget available on all standard LeagueNet websites or even send a message out via communicator?