Add plain HTML to News Articles

SportsTG can give you the abilty to insert plain html content into your Smarterweb. 

Adding YouTube Videos

1. Get the url of the video from Youtube eg copy this url and go into the news articles section of your website.

2. Locate the Extended tab. Paste the url into the box, you can have more than one video here you just need to make sure that each video is separated by a new line.  

3. Input a height and width, (300px w x 300px h would be the max recommended dimensions here) depending on how many videos you are loading in the article it may be better to have these dimensions smaller.

4. Go back to the general tab and put in some hash tags where you want the video to appear in your article. eg ###NEWS_VIDEO_1### if you only have one video on your page, if you have three videos on your page for example you would use ###NEWS_VIDEO_3### for the third video on the page.    

5. It will now display aligned right on your page.