Adding your Club logo to your website

The recent Standard Website refresh has provided your Club with a greater ability to promote and display your identity, in particular, your logo.  

How do I change it (FOR CLUBS)?  

1. Go to your Club website (if you can't find it, it should be located on a 'Club Websites' list page on your Association/League website)

2. Click 'Site Editor' at the bottom of your Club site and sign in to your Website using SportsTG Passport

3. Click on the 'Add Club Logo' link at the top of the page - if there is already a logo there, click on the logo.

4. Find the file either on your computer or in your Media Library and click 'Save' to update the logo.  

Depending on the Page Header / Banner you choose for your Website, the Logo will display in the top left of your Website.    

For Competition-based sports:  

Below is a quick guide on where your logos will publish. Please note that these instructions are different depending on whether you want to update the logo for a Team or a Club. Typically you will probably be wanting to update a Club logo unless the team you participate in doesn't belong to a Club (ie in the case of most senior basketball or touch teams).  

Where will my logo display?

In addition to displaying on your own website, the club logo will show on the Association's Club

Websites list and can also be displayed on the Fixtures and Results page as shown below:      

It is important to note that when a logo is applied to a club website, all teams within that club will then be assigned the logo and will display on the Fixtures and Results page as shown above. To remove a club logo, simply remove the photo/file from your media library.  

How do I change it (FOR TEAMS)?  

1. Go to your Team website by selecting it from a Fixture, Results, or Ladder page on your Association/League website.

2. Repeat steps 2-4 above.