Assigning default playing numbers

Players that you are assigning to matches can also be assigned a default playing number. In thePre Game menu if you click on the Tools menu you will see the option for a default player number (shown below). You will then be able to assign a player with a default playing number so that each game the player is assigned to, their playing number will be automatically assigned as well.  

To assign default playing numbers  

1. Access the Online Results system  .

2. Filter out the match list screen to display matches  and click on the Pre Game link for any particular match   

4. Click on the appropriate Team tab across the top

5. Click on the Tools menu and click on Edit Club Default Player Number or Edit Team Default Player Number  

6. Select the player from the drop down list at the top of the page and enter in the number you wish to assign that player as a default   You will also be able to manage the existing playing numbers for those team members from that screen.