Copying All Teams & Members Into New Competitions

Moving teams between competitions is a regular occurrence and in the past has been time consuming process for administrators.  The following documentation will explain the best process to copy all the teams including their members from one competition into a new  competition. This process will only work if both competitions are being played in the same season, for example season 2013. You may wish to use this  process if you are running a pre-season or post-season competition that will include the same teams and members as the regular season competition.    

NOTE: This process will not regrade the teams it simply makes another copy of the team. This means that the teams you copy will still remain  in their current competition.      

1. The first step is from the dashboard at association level to click on the 'Competitions' tab and then click List Competitions from the drop down list. 

2. You will then need to click the Copy button located at the top right hand side of the screen.      

3. You will then be directed to the 'Copy Competition' form where you will need to fill in all of the compulsory fields indicated by the red asterisk. The details entered are for the new Competition that you are creating. At the bottom of the form you will notice the 'Copy Instructions' section.

4. In the first drop down box you will be required to choose the 'Competition' that currently holds the 'Teams' that you want in your new Competition.   

5. You then need to select the 'Season', this needs to be the same season as the Competition that you are copying Teams from.  

6. The Team option drop down must be set to USE EXISTING TEAMS. 

7. This will then allow you to click the tick box 'Bring Members with Team'. This is an important box to tick as it saves a lot of time having to manually add the members into their Teams again.    

8. Once this is field out click the blue Copy Competition button.    

9. You will then see the alert advising you that the 'Competition' has been copied successfully. From there you can click Display Details for (the name of Competition) which will then bring up the 'Competition Details' for the new competition.      

10. From the competition dashboard click on Teams.   

11. Then select one of the Teams by clicking on the Magnifying Glass to the left of the team name.     

12. Once the Team is displayed click on the 'Members' tab and click Modify Team List.        

You will then see all the Members that have been brought across from the original Competition.    

NOTE: Members that have been selected in the original Competition will also be selected in the copied Competition.