How do I login to the Courtside App?

Once you have downloaded Courtside, there is an initial set up process.

NOTE: You must have an internet connection to complete this process.

Adding a Court

When you enter Courtside for the first time, you are prompted to enter a Court ID and Setup ID.  These are unique to your venues and are necessary to ensure the correct games are downloaded.

Tap on the line to activate the keyboard.

Enter the Court ID and the Setup ID and click Sumbit.

This will then display the list of competitions available for the venue.

NOTE: the app will only be able to display games for matches no more than 3 days in advance so if you have no games within the next 3 days you will need to wait until closer to the date to download these games.

If you do not have games running on the current day then you can choose a date from the date picker. Dates with competition are displayed with a green dot below them.

NOTE:  the Court ID and Setup ID can be found in the GameDay Competition Database. Please see the articles below to know the process.

How to find Court Id?

How to find Setup Id?

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at