Courtside: Reporting on codes to configure the app

Admins have the ability to report on the codes needed to configure the courtside app for their organisation, this includes the SET UP key and the VENUE codes for each of the venues for that organisation.

This one click report allows them to have all this information in the one report rather than going into each venue and finding this code or contacting support because they don't remember their setup key.

1. Log into your association database

2. Click on REPORTS.

3. Click on COURTSIDE.

4. Click RUN against the COURTSIDE CONFIG CODES report.

5. Select how to want to see the report, via display or emailed to you > click RUN.

6. This report shows the set up key (this remains the same for your organisation) and each specific venue code.

NOTE: if your venues are used by other organisations the EXTERNAL ID will also be listed which allows an organisation outside your own to use your venues - this only occurs for those major associations that have cross competitions.