Online Match Results - New Filter options

Quick Filter

A new search filter has been added to the match results match list screen. 

The field works by filtering the matches to show only the ones containing the text that is typed. The filter matches the text with any of the fixture fields (e.g. team names, competition name, match date/time, and venue.

One important thing to know is that if you want to match exact text you can use quotes “”. For example, view the match list below and notice the following:

  • The word ‘Olympic’ exists in the team Olympic United, and the venues Olympic Fields and Olympic Park
  • The word ‘Park’ exists in team Parker City and the venues ‘Olympic Park and Emu Park

Now if you type Olympic Park into quick filter, only matches 1, 6 (venue = Olympic Park) and 4 (venue = Olympic Fields, team = Parker City) will show.

However, if you surround the filter text with quotes (e.g. “Olympic Park”) it will only show matches where there is an exact text match. So using the above match list, only matches 1 and 6 will then show (venue = Olympic Park).

Multiple Sort Order

Previously clicking on column headings (e.g. Venue, Date/Time, Home Team etc.) would sort the match list by that column. Now the page will remember multiple sort orders. For example if you are a tournament that runs 25 matches at each timeslot and you receive the score sheets in venue order (e.g. field 1, field 2 etc.), then then you can now sort the match list by time then venue by clicking the venue column heading, then the date/time column heading.

Limited Search Results

Search results are limited to returning 200 entries at any one time.

If the query is too large and should return more than 200 results an error will return “This list has been cut off at 200 results. If matches are missing, please use the filters above to narrow your search.”

The reason this has been implemented is to improve the performance of the Match Results panel.

  1. If you are a club, please contact your association administrator directly. In most cases, they will be able to quickly assist you with your enquiry
  2. If you are an association, please contact The Basketball Network Support Team at