Domain Names

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is like a street address for the Internet, and is unique to your website, allowing you to advertise your domain name to your community. 

Why Would I Want One?

You do not necessarily need a domain name. Your website can be reached through, or generally through your governing body's website.  

If you want people to be able to go directly to your site you have three options:  

1.  Use the standard address which will begin with  

2.  Purchase your own unique domain name and arrange your domain to redirect to your SportsTG site - For further information on this, please see our Redirecting a Private Domain to a SportsTG Website article 

3.  Create a shorter/unique SportsTG subdomain - see: Sub-domains: below SportsTG sub-domains do not require a purchase and can also make it easier to advertise your web site.  

Domain Name Redirection (as per Option 2 above)

For information on redirecting a domain name to a SportsTG website, please see our see our Redirecting a Private Domain to a SportsTG Website article.