Feed Match Officials From Schedula to Websites

To Feed Match Officials from Schedula to websites please follow these simple steps-    

1. It is important to know that by default all appointments will not display until your organisation contacts SportsTG to activate this functionality (even though the text box will appear). It is recommended to do this at least one week in advance. Once activated, a script will pull the data from Schedula to the database once a day, looking for matches in the next 7 days, and it is sent to the website from there.   Please note - the above must be done for this function to work.  

2. - Log in to Schedula, choose a specific competition and particular game.  

3.a -  Once on the Match Details page, ensure the 'show on website' box is ticked next to the corresponding Match Official - this box allows you to hide appointments from the website by unticking this box.  

b. Appointments will not display until they have been confirmed by the Match Official (indicated by the green light in the match appointments screen below). The orange light is a pending state - waiting for acceptance and the green light means it has been activated.      


c - As shown above, there are 4 scenarios.  

d - Below is listed the expected behaviour of each:

4. As shown below, the website appointments are displayed at the bottom of the match centre page on your website.  

Please note: Once this functionality is turned on, all previous appointments will default to being ticked to show on the website. You will need to manually go through and untick them if you do not want them to show on your website.