How to apply for a merchant

This step-by-step guide will help new users through the process of signing up to become a GameDay Sub-merchant, which also forms part of the process to access the online member database and functionality. It‟s specifically designed for GameDay users, and includes some advice on how to fill in the different sections of the sign-up form, and while these are generally correct for sporting Clubs and Associations, they should be read in conjunction with your organisation's individual requirements.  

When you sign up as a GameDay Sub-merchant, you are able to receive payments via the GameDay Registrations system:  

1. Click "Registrations" in the top menu bar and then click "Payment Configuration"    

2. Once on the Payment Configuration page - please click 'Payment Application'.    

3. Fill out all mandatory fields within the application.    

Please Note: If you have a business number in NZ, please enter it in the ARBN box.    

4. Ensure that there is at least one Office Bearer's details filled in.    

5. Your details will now be passed onto GameDay and you will be notified once your Sub-merchant set-up has been approved. Once approved, you will have the ability to start receiving payments.