Information for Clubs

How to find your Club website to locate whether or not your Club currently has a FoxSportsPulse website:      

1. Go to        

2. Type in the name of your club in the search box highlighted below and click search      

3. It will then bring up the results of the search, where you can see all the clubs listed under that name.      

4. If your club is listed there (and under the right association), click on the Club name to go through to the Club website.    

How to set up an SP Passport account in order to access your club website  To become a website editor for a site, you firstly need to have a confirmed SP Passport account. If you know you already have an SP Passport account, continue on to the Gaining Website Editor Access section.  If you don't have an SP Passport account, follow the steps below to join.      

1. Go to      

2. Click on the Register button (as shown below)      


3. Fill out the details as shown below and click Create my Passport when complete        

4. You will then be sent an email confirming that you’ve registered. You will need to open that email and click on the link to verify your registration.  Once these steps have been done, you will have a confirmed SP Passport account and will be able to gain access to edit your club website.    

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Gaining Website Editor access  

Once you’ve confirmed you SP Passport , you will need your association to log in to your club website and add you as a website editor in the ‘Authorisation’ section. You will need to provide your association with the email address that you used to sign up to SP Passport with. Once you’ve been added then you will be able to log in to back end of the website to edit/update it.  

Website Editor button  

The website editor button is how to get into the back end of your website. You can locate this button by scrolling down to the very bottom left hand corner of your club website (shown below).      

The next screen will then ask you for an Email Address and Password to log into the website editor. Those login details will be the email address and password you used to sign up to SP Passport.