LiveStats: Getting set up with Livestats

Getting your association set up with Livestats V7:

1. You will need to submit a request to the Customer Support team The title of the request should be something along the lines of "(Assoication NAME) Livestats V7 set up request''. In this request you will need to provide the following:

a. Association name

b. Country and state

c. League Results Website URL (the URL of the website where the results are displayed)

d. League Administrator Name

e. League Administrator Email

f. Number of competitions requesting Livestats

g. Competition name/s that will be using Livestats

2. The support team will work with Genius Sports to get this set up for your association, so please keep an eye out on your request for further information and tasks that need to be completed by the association to get Livestats up and running for your association. 

Downloading Livestats V7:

Genius Sports, in partnership with FIBA, is proud to launch FIBA LiveStats (FLS) Version 7, a totally revamped and enhanced version of the long trusted FIBA LiveStats application.

Contact Genius Sports to download Livestats V7:

Note: For any questions relating to the actual Livestats program, like how to use it or questions on some of the functionality, please speak to Genius Sports at as they are best suited to answer these questions. For any questions related to troubleshooting matches, like members aren't appearing in the list, no results etc, please submit a request to SportsTG at