Managing Relations

The following example demonstrates how to set up a news item 'relation'. In this example we choose to make the article an 'Adelaide' article.    

1. Select the Relations Tab

2. Scroll down and select 'Adelaide'

3. Adelaide automatically appears in the “selected box” (Please note: You will only be able to select a category specific to your area under your login but this process must always be followed)

4. Using a Picture: You can add a picture to display with the article simply by clicking on the folder to the right of the images box (this will allow you to select from a picture in your image library) or by clicking on the browse button which will allow you to select a picture directly from your computer.

5. Adding a caption: In this area you can add a caption for a picture (or photo)

When you have finished, save your work. You can save either by clicking on any of the save buttons we explained earlier

To be safe, we always recommend you use the save and close button.