Member Record Types Overview

Member Record Types are used to group members together based on the types set up by an Organisation at each level of the database. Member Record Types provides sports with the flexibility to manage their Member Types in a way that suits the structure of an organisations Membership Structure.  

Member Record Types can be configured at each level of the database (National, State, Association or Club) and can be linked from one level of the database to the next to ensure a Member Record Type is applied at each level once a member registration has been processed. The Member Record Types assigned to a member upon registration can be viewed on the Members Record and can also be reported on via the Reporting tool.    

Adding Member Record Types:  The way this would commonly work is that Member Record Types would be setup via the following process:  

1. National Body creates Member Record Types at National level  

2. State Body creates Member Record Types and links to the National Member Record Type (Parent Type)  

3. Association creates Member Record Types and links to the State Member Record Type (Parent Type)  

4. Club creates Member Record Types and links to the Association Member Record Type (Parent Type)  Every Member that registers to a Club or Association is then assigned the Member type at that level and the linked Member Record Types at each level of the database.      

Viewing Member Record Types 

Navigating down to a Member in your database, the Member Records tab will provide administrators with an overview of the Member Record Type that has been assigned at each level, according to the setup of the Club or Association Member Record Type and how it has been linked throughout the database.

 A member will be able to view their own Member History and the Member Record Types assigned at each level via the Member Profile.  


Reporting on Member Record Types

Using the Reporting tool (Members > Advanced Member report), Member Record Types will be able to be reported on in detailed or summary data format, allowing administrators to conveniently extract data out of the system and segment their database to utilise for the Communicator tool.