Send SMS from mobile phone

Please note: Our SMS system is only available within Australia.  

Group SMS messages can be sent from your smartphone using 'Mobile Communicator'. Before Mobile Communicator can be used, you firstly need to set up an SMS Sender Account and purchase SMS credits through SportsTG Membership.  

Note: This service is not accessible for javascript disabled phones.  

To send an SMS message to your members from your mobile phone:  

1. Ensure that you have set up an SMS Sender Account and purchased credits through Membership.

2. Open the Internet browser on your smartphone and go to and log in to your database. 

3. Hover over Communications and click Communicator.    

4. Click on a recipient option: 

  • Membership Group - select members based on their member type (players, coaches, umpires, officials), select administrators from the club contacts, and/ or select team contacts.
  • Custom Group - select a custom group of recipients that you have previously set up
  • Saved Report - select a saved member report that you have previously set up    

7. Depending on the recipient option that you have chosen (Membership Group, Custom Group or Remembered Report), a number of options will appear. For example, if you have selected Membership Group, you can now choose from players, coaches, officials, or club contacts. If you have selected Remembered Report, you can choose from your list of saved reports. Click on your preferred option.  

8. The 'Contact Summary' screen will open, which provides a tally of:

  • The number of recipients with a mobile number
  • The number of recipients without a mobile number but with an email address
  • The total number of recipients

This screen will also inform you of the credits remaining in your account. So long as you have sufficient credits to proceed, click on Continue.    

9. Compose your message (maximum of 140 characters) in the 'Message' text box. 

10. Enter your SMS account password in the 'SMS Password' field.    

11. Click on Send.

12. A confirmation screen will appear when your message has been sent successfully.  

Important: SMS credits are not refundable.