Menu Details

The below information outlines each menu action:


This view allows you to add, edit and delete pages and add content to your pages.   


This allows you to quickly preview the pages in your website.  


Many of the plug-ins in Smarterweb V3 websites use pages to display their contents and folders to store the associated data. The List section allows you to edit the records stored in those folders.      



Enables you to create a batch of new, empty pages for quickly building up a new page tree. Just enter the titles for the pages you need. Only filled in fields will be created as pages.    


The File List allows you to upload documents and images to your website. Once you’ve uploaded them, they can be linked to / displayed anywhere within your website.    

Other Items  

There are many plug-ins that can be added to a Smarterweb website, some of which will add extra options to the menu. Please contact SportsTG if you require assistance on any features not covered in this manual.