Pending Registrations

Pending Registrations - Approving/Denying  

All participants that register as New (I am registering to this club for the first time) appear in the club as a pending registration. Depending on the Districts (associations) permission settings pending registrations may be able to be approved by clubs or may be required to be approved by the Districts.  

Navigate to the club to approve the pending registration (Districts/Associations only) - from the top navigation bar select Members then Pending Registration      

All participants that are involved in pending registrations will now be displayed in the grid as shown below depending on the filters that have been applied  

In the Approve Registration column you can now Approve or Reject the registration from the drop down list as shown above, once you have selected an option click in another field in the grid - the column will change green when your selection has been saved.  

An email will be sent to participants once their registration has been Approved or Denied.  

All members involved in Pending Registrations, Registrations that have been approved or rejected can be reported on under the Pending Registration Report that is available under Reports Manager. Another support article details the parameters to select for Pending Registrations.