POLi Payments FAQ's

Introducing POLi Payments - Pay fees directly from your bank account

GameDay App Passport now offers members and participants the option to pay registration fees directly from their bank account using Poli Payments.

A business of Australia Post, POLi is the online payment option that allows your community to use internet banking to securely pay for goods and services.

POLi offers a great alternative to paying online with a credit card. With POLi, users can seamlessly and securely pay online by connecting to their bank, without any registration needed.

POLi is currently used by airlines such as Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia.

For step-by-step instructions on how to pay your registration fees with POLi, please visit: support.sportstg.com/help/article/link/polipay

To find out more about POLi Payments, check out: www.polipayments.com


How much does it cost a participant or member to use POLi to pay for club or association transactions?

Individuals are not charged a fee for using POLi to pay for registration fees or other goods and services. It is basically a direct bank transfer from the members bank account to your organisation bank account.

What do clubs or associations need to do to start accepting registrations or payments via POLi?

If clubs or associations are already taking payments through the Gameday Passport Online Registration system, then they do not have to do anything. POLi will be automatically available.

If clubs or associations are not currently taking online payments, then they will need to apply for a Merchant Account via their membership database.

Can clubs or associations turn off the ability to accept payments made by POLi?

No. POLi is now considered a payment method just like VISA or Mastercard in the Gameday Passport payments gateway.

My club is setup to accept online payments. Why can't my members see the POLi option?

POLi can only be used in conjunction with the 'inclusive' payment processing fee model.Those using the 'user pays' model will not have access to this feature.

My bank does not appear in the list, how can I pay?

Unfortunately as this is not our system, it is only integrated, if you do not see your relevant bank listed on the list it will mean that PoliPay does not have this available and they won't be able to use this payment method - if you have any questions regarding this you will need to speak to PoliPay directly as Gameday cannot assist here. You will need to use another method of payment for these members.

Can I report on this payment type?

Yes, this can be reported on within the TRANSACTION report, where if you include the PAYMENT TYPE field you will see these types of payments; they will show as POLIPAYMENTS. These payments won't appear in the FUNDS RECEIVED report as we have nothing to settle to you as they are basically a direct bank transfer so they will appear separately within your bank account.

I have had a $1 transaction come out of my account and I am unsure what it is for?

Our payment gateway sometimes takes out a $1 amount from a members bank account as a way of verifying the payment method used to pay for registrations. Without context, this can cause registrants to query the charge and think that they are being scammed when they are not- this is a normal process between payment gateways and banks and the $1 fee will be returned back into the members account within the next 1-2 business days. This will only be a once off occurance as it is usually done only when using a specific payment method for the very first time.