Setting up your site in a second language

GameDay is able to configure your Smarterweb website so that you can add content to it in multiple languages. Visit the Smarterweb home page for more information about Smarterweb websites.     .

Creating the page title in the second language 

1. Click page on in the web menu    

2. Select the page that you want to translate to your second language    

3. Select the localization tab at the top of the page    

4. Select the language you wish to translate the page to    

5. Type in the page title in the alternate language    

Press save and close    

Editing the content in a second language

1. You will notice at the bottom of every element there is an option to ’Create a copy for translation (second language eg Spanish)’ Select this option    

2. You will then notice content appears next to this flag, click on the pencil to edit this content.    

3. You will notice a language drop down menu inside the element.    

4. Any content in the English drop down will appear on the main site. Any content created under the second language will appear when the second language is selected.    

Adding news articles in a second language

News articles work the same way as normal however you will notice in your back end there are both english and your second language's categories. So you need to assign the correct category so that the content will appear on the relevant page. Click here for more information about categories  

Viewing the site in the secondary language

Initially the flags will be disabled to allow the user to populate the site so to view the page in a second language you can put &L=1 at the end of your url.  

Eg  What the url would look like on the main site  

What the url would look like in the second language  

When you are ready to put the second language live GameDay can add the flag of the language to the site to allow the user to select the content in both languages.