Unable to access Club Website Editor

If you aren't able to access the website editor function for your Club website (either the previous editor is no longer at the Club, or the site hasn't had an editor before), then follow the steps below.  

Sign up to Passport

In order to maintain a Club website, you are required to have an Passport account to ensure that the Club website is linked to at least one valid email address. This is required to validate that you have a real email address so that any queries from your participants can be channelled accordingly.  

1. Go to passport.sportstg.com  

2. Click Register 

4. Work your way through the Passport sign up process. On completion you will be sent a confirmation email, you are required to click the Confirm button/link to complete this process.  Request Authorisation from your League/Association Now you need to contact your League/Association for them to grant you access to your Club site (send them a link to this page which shows them what they need to do).