Website Design Enhancements

Introducing new improved website designs

We've recently introduced you to our new brand, and we are now excited to announce some major design enhancements* for our websites.

This season, you'll notice design changes to fixtures, results and ladders competition pages.

The enhancements will feature a cleaner, more modern look and provide a user friendly path for members and fans to navigate through competition information.

Please read the FAQ's below to check out the tools and features available to customise your site.

*These changes are not applicable to football/soccer pages


Why did you make these changes?

Primarily, we aim to;

  • Improve the member and fan user experience on your sites.
  • Renew focus on the mobile experience. Mobile traffic to websites now outweighs that from traditional desktop computers. It is imperative that users across mobile devices have a premium and enjoyable experience.
  • Address changes in the way digital advertising is traded, meaning website designs now need to more intelligently integrate advertising and design.

Will you be adding more advertising placements to the sites?

We won't be adding more advertising placements to websites. The new designs will look to better integrate and display web advertising. In some scenarios, the number of advertisement placements may decrease.

Will the changes have any affect on my own advertising and sponsorship widgets?

To ensure a consistent experience across all sports websites, and so we can track the success of the refreshed advertisement placements, SportsTG controlled advertising on the right hand side column will now be placed above any widgets or content from sports. This includes registration and sponsor widgets.

How will this affect my custom site designs?

Where possible we have aimed for minimal disruption to your custom designs and formats. However, there will be changes to the fixtures and results template that display on desktops.
There will be no changes to your overall desktop layout, customised desktop headers, colour scheme and side skins, competition filtering and navigation design.

Why has my fixtures and results template format changed?

There will now be one fixture and results template. 

This will come in two variants: one option has the capability to display club logos next to the club name, and the other does not display logos. 

The new template has been designed after careful research and user testing, and ensuring best practice usability design is applied. Consistency across all sites for the fixtures results and ladders template ensures all sport associations, clubs, teams, members and fans benefit from the application of the designs based on the insights we gathered. We are extremely confident this enhancement will provide a visual boost to your website.

Where can I ensure that club logos appear on my competition fixtures and results?

This option can be selected by:

Step 1: Login into your passport account

Step 2: Select Websites

Step 3: Choose the relevant competition website you wish to update

Step 4: Select Comp Options

Step 5: Click on: Click here to change the results display format

Step 6: Under Results Display Format, select Logos

Step 7: Click Save

Please note that any changes made may take up to 1 hour to take affect.

I currently opt to display logos on fixtures & results pages. Will I need to do anything to ensure they continue displaying in the new design?

No, if you currently display logos we will preserve these and display them for you in the new design.

Why aren't all pages being re-designed?

SportsTG is eager to provide the best designs and user experiences as soon as we can, so we will be iteratively rolling out new design enhancements across devices and pages. 

We will gather feedback to ensure we provide even better improvements in future updates.