Sport specific contact information

Sport specific contact information

Below are links and contact information relating to sport specific support:


The FFA (Soccer) do not use the Gameday system for registrations and payment, they instead use PlayFootball and can be contacted via or on (02) 8880 7983 .


All details apply to Miniroos clubs who have any questions and queries as well.


The AFL are no longer using our system for memberships and competitions as they have moved to a new system, so we cannot assist with this - your best option will be to contact your club or league (if a participant) or your AFL state body (if a club or league) directly who can provide assistance with admin access, fixtures, registrations, fees etc.

Basketball Australia

If you are a participant, please contact your club directly who are your first point of contact. 

If you are an club, please contact your association, and if you are an association please contact your state body or feel free to email the BA support team. Basketball Australia have their own support team who can provide information and advice via:

Softball, baseball, and all other general sports - please Google search your local league or state body.