Basketball Australia: Etrainu Accreditation Integration

GameDay Passport allows Basketball Australia participants to register for an accredited course and manage their coursework using an integration with Basketball Australia's Learning Management System hosted by Etrainu.

This integration also allows Basketball administrators to track and report on the progress and completion of accreditations in GameDay Passport, createting an integrated accreditation journey as below:

1. A participant registers and pays for an accredited course through GameDay Passport:

2. An Accreditation Record is created for the participant which can be tracked in GameDay Passport through the Members > LIST ACCREDITATIONS option.

3. At this point, a course record will also be created in Etrainu, allowing the participant to complete their coursework through the Etrainu Learning Management System.

4. As the participant proceeds through the coursework in Etrainu, their Accreditation record will be updated to reflect its completion status in GameDay Passport.

Note: As data is being passed between GameDay Passport and Etrainu, please allow up to 15 minutes for the data to appear in each respective platform.