Report Builder | Overview

GameDay Passport's Report Builder allows administrators to create and customise their own reports based on a specific source of information.

With a comprehensive and feature-rich interface, the Report Builder allows complete customisability of reports to ensure administrators can pull the most relevant data from their Passport database.

Access a Report Builder

To access a Report Builder:

1. Click REPORTS in the left-hand menu.

2. Find any report that has the CONFIGURE action button - for this example, we will use the Advanced Member report.

Note: For some sports, this is labelled as Advanced Participant.

Report Builder Interface

The Report Builder has numerous features that can be combined to generate detailed, relevant reports including:

  1. Find A Field: Search for a specific field to add to the report.
  2. Field List: A complete list of fields available to add to this report. Click the + button to add a field to the report.
  3. Selected Fields: A list of fields currently on your report.
  4. Report Options: Allow you to select whether to show the report as unique records or summarised data, and allows you to customise your report with Sort By and Group By options - Learn More
  5. Report Output: Allows you to display the report in a new browser tab or email the report to yourself in a Tab Delimited or CSV format - Learn More
  6. Run Report: Run the report based on the above output settings.
  7. Save Report: Save the report to be re-used at a later date - Learn More

For more information on processes relevant to Reports, please refer to the Related Articles section of this article.