Schedula for Administrators | Overview

Schedula allows competition administrators to manage their end-to-end match official allocation process using data from a corresponding GameDay Passport database, including the ability to:

  • Assign Officials to fixtures across multiple competitions

  • Allow Officials to manage their availability for appointments

  • Manage appointment clashes with availability markers

  • Schedule notifications for Officials with fixture details

  • Customise Official 'Panels' for different appointment types

  • Set and manage pay rates that are applied to Officials

  • Access a full suite of reports based on appointments, finances, official payments, and more

Click here to login to Schedula

As an administrator, Schedula offers several useful features:

1. Official Dashboard: Allows officials to:

2. Schedula Profile: Allows officials to:

3. Official List Administration: Allows administrators to

4. Manual Appointments: Allows administrator to manually appoint administrators to matches - Learn More

5. Automatic Appointments: Allows administrators to set up an appointment automation to allocate officials to matches - Learn More

6. Communications: Allows administrators to communicate with officials by email or SMS

7. Schedula Settings: Allows administrator to:

8. Reports: Run various types of reports on your official database - Learn More