Bulk Competition Updates | Overview

There are a number of competition functions that can be performed in bulk in the database. All of these options are housed in the Competitions menu. These options are outlined below:  

Bulk Match Change - This will allow basic details of a match (date/time/venue) to be changed on bulk.  

Bulk Competition Change - This will allow any details of a competition to be changed on bulk. For example, if you were looking to make all of your competitions set to display on your website, you could do this on bulk through the 'Display competition on Public Website' option.  

Bulk Stats Rebuild - A bulk stats rebuild will force a refresh of all player statistics within your database. Typically, used if a members record doesn't look like it has included a game or statistics in a members tally.  

Bulk Ladder Rebuild - A bulk ladder rebuild will force a refresh of all ladder data across specified competitions in your database.  

Bulk Fixture Generation - This will allow you to generate fixtures for all un-fixtured competitions in one hit.