How do I filter a Report?

Administrators have the ability to apply a number of filters to a selected field, to narrow search results. Examples of filters are as follows:

Is Blank: will show search results which DO NOT contain the select field. For example, Product Is Blank, will show users who have not selected a Product. 

Is Not Blank: will eliminate results which contain no data from the selected field. For example, Email Is Not Blank, will show only users who have an email address against their record. 

Equals: will only show results which match identically the data in the Equals feild. For example, this may be Product Equals "Registration Fee 2017", DOB Equals 01/01/1990, Surname Equals "Smith", Competition Equals "Seniors 2017"

Depending on the selected field, the Equals filter will present a Text Entry, Drop-Down or Date Selection. For Text Entry, this must be entered identically to what is stored in the system. 

Not Equals: will eliminate all results containing the data entered in the Not Equals field. For example Product Not Equals "2017 Merchandise" will show results for all Products other than "2017 Merchandise" 

Like: Similar to Equals, the Like function will display results which match the value entered, without the need for it to identically match. For example, Competition Like "Seniors" will display all results containing the word "Seniors" 

Tip - If you are struggling to generate the desired results with Like functionality, try using "%" for example %Seniors% 

Less Than: Will only show search results under the value entered. For example, Games Played: Less Than 10, will show participants who have played less than 10 games. 

More Than: Will only show search results over the value entered. For example, Games Played: More Than 10, will show participants who have played more than 10 games. 

Between: Will only show search results between the value entered. For example, Date Registered: Between 01/01/2016 - 30/06/2016, will show participants who registered between those dates. 

Important - Please ensure that a filter/s applied is not cancelling out another field, causing search results to not display.