Which type of competition should I use?

Home and Away

The Home and Away competition type should be selected when the teams in the competition alternate between playing a game at their home venue one week and then at the opponents ground the following week. This is the common format for club based sports such as Australian Football, Rugby League and Hockey.

Venue Time Allocation

The Venue Allocation competition type should be selected when matches for one or more competitions need to be allocated to specific times on specific courts or at certain venues and these allocations then remain in place throughout the entire season. This format is commonly used by team based sports such as basketball and Touch Football as well as indoor sporting complex competitions such as Futsal.

Pools Competitions 

The Pools competition should be selected where the competition is broken into more than one group (or 'Pool'). It also allows for multiple phases of pools to be created (e.g. initial Pools phase followed by Finals), as well as the creation of progression rules governing which teams advance between Pool phases and into Finals.