How do I create a Course Product?


Products are fees that can be purchased by members as part of your registration process. Examples of products may include registration fees, playing gear, merchandise or event tickets.

If your organisation uses the Courses functionality, you can create a Course Product to separate any course registration fees from other fees such as memberships or merchandise.

Note: Creating a Course Product also allows you to make use of our etrainu integration for managing course registrations and enrolments, provided you have an existing etrainu platform.


Step 1: Access the Products Menu

Select the Registrations menu, then select PRODUCTS

Step 2: Add a New Product


Step 3: Fill in Product Details

Details Tab

  • Name: Enter the product name as it will be displayed to members.
  • Product Reporting Season: Select the applicable season (e.g., 2023 Winter season).
  • Archive Product: Tick this box to set the product as inactive. It will still be in your database but will need to be filtered by 'Inactive (Archived)' on the Product List.
  • Grouping Category: Group products together to display under this heading on your registration form and product list.
  • Product Type: Select COURSE
  • Linked Courses: If you are using our etrainu integration, your linked courses will appear here. Linking a course to the product ensures that when it is purchased, an etrainu account will be automatically created and the registrant will be assigned this course in etrainu
  • Allow Multiple Time Purchasing: Allows a product to be purchased more than once by a member.
  • Allow Multiple Quantity Purchasing: Allows multiple quantities of the product to be purchased within the same registration.
  • Notes: Add any additional information about the product to be seen by members when the product is attached to a registration form.

Pricing Tab

  • Tax Description: Appears next to the amount members have paid on the payment receipt email.
  • Minimum System Login to change price: Set the level in your sport's hierarchy at which the price of the product can be changed.
  • Minimum System Login to sell product: Set the minimum level at which a product can be added to registration forms.
  • Price: Select single or multiple pricing (discount for multiple registrations).
  • Payment Split: Determines which bank account the funds for this product will be paid into.
  • Single Pricing: Enter the price if single pricing is selected.
  • Multiple Pricing: Create a multiple pricing system, offering discounts for multiple registrations.

Dependencies Tab

  • Mandatory Products: Select products that must be previously purchased by a member before buying this new product.

Actions Tab

  • Set Product Expiry: Set a date for the product status to become inactive on the member’s record.
  • Set Player Financial: Tick this box if the member’s player status should be Financial for the season after purchasing this product.
  • Set Coach Financial: Tick this box if the member’s coach status should be Financial for the season after purchasing this product.
  • Set Match Official Financial: Tick this box if the member’s match official status should be Financial for the season after purchasing this product.
  • Set Member Registered Until: Set a date or number of days from registration that the member will be registered for.

Filter Tab

  • Member Gender: Select the gender to which the product will display.
  • Minimum/Maximum Date of Birth: Add a date of birth range to display the product only to members whose date of birth is within that range.
  • Minimum/Maximum Age: Add an age range to display the product only to members registering within that age range at the time of registration.
  • Member Type (any of): Tick relevant boxes if products should only be available to specific Member Types.
  • Note: Do not add a selection for both Maximum/Minimum DOB and Maximum/Minimum Age, as this will cause the product not to display on the registration form.
  • Note: Product Filtering is best used alongside Compulsory Payments.

Availability Tab

  • Product Available From/To Dates: Set the period during which the product will be available on registration forms.

Renewal Tab

  • Product Linking: Select a product that should be purchased once the current product expires.
  • Automatic Reminder Emails: Notify members that their product will be expiring soon and inform them of the available product in Product Linking.
  • Send Renewal Email to Parents: Select whether to send the renewal email to parents as well as the member.
  • Note: Renewal emails will only send to parents if their emails are listed within the members' profiles in the Parent 1 Email or Parent 2 Email fields.

Items Tab

  • Item: List the available add-on items for the product (e.g., T-Shirt Size).
  • Compulsory: Select whether the item is required.
  • Active: Select whether the item is shown on the form for members.
  • Add Another Option: Add each selectable option for the item (e.g., Sizes Small, Medium, and Large).

Step 4: Finalize Product Creation

Once you've finished creating your product, click UPDATE

Step 5: Attach your Product to a Registration Form

To make your product available for purchase, you will need to attach it to a Registration Form.

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