Managing Competitions | Overview

With competitions created GameDay Passport offers users and wide range of integrated features to assist in running a smooth and user friendly end-to-end competition.

The below summarises features available on the List Competitions page and within the interface of individual competitions.

Competition List

To access your Competition List, click Competitions > LIST COMPETITIONS in the left-hand menu:

Your Competition List will show you a list of any existing Competitions that you have created, including:

  • Name
  • Competition Type: Denotes whether the competition is a Home and Away, Venue Allocation, or Pools Competitions - Learn More
  • Amount of Teams: Denotes the number of teams currently in the competition.
  • Abbreviation: A custom abbreviation for the competitions.
  • Season: Denotes the current season the competition belongs to.
  • Grouping: Displays the Website Grouping that the competition has assigned.
  • Age Group: Displays the Default Age Group of the competition.
  • Contact: Displays the Primary Contact name of the competition.
  • Status: Denotes whether the competition is activeor inactive.
  • Upload: Denotes whether the competition has been enabled for Publish to Web - Learn More

Competition List Actions

Your Competition List offers a number of actions, including:

1. New: Create a new competition from scratch - Learn More

2. Copy: Copy an existing competition

3. Regrade: Regrade teams between competitions - Learn More

4. View Competition: View an individual competition.

5. Search Competitions: Search for competitions by name.

6. Season Filter: Filter the competition list by Season.

7. Age Group Filter: Filter the competition list by Default Age Group.

8. Status Filter: Filter the competition list by Active/Inactive Status.

Viewing a Competition

To go further into the details of a competition, click the VIEW button:

Competition Actions

Within each individual competition, you will notice that the left-hand menu has changed to offer a different range of features. Viewing a competition directly allows users to access other actions including:

1. Edit Competition Configuration: Update the general competition configuration including assigned competition templates, publish to webs display, permissions and more.

2. Upcoming Matches: See a list of upcoming matches for this competition based on the fixture.

3. Return: Go back to the Association-level of your database.

4. Fixtures: View, update and generate fixtures for the competition - Learn More

5. Teams: View or login to a list of teams participating in this competition - Learn More

6. Ladders: View this competition's ladder.

7. Match Results: Enter results and statistics or select players for competition matches.

8. Statistics: View players statistics logged within this competition.

9. Reports: Run specific reports related to the data in this competition.

For more information on processes relevant to Managing Competitions, please refer to the Related Articles section of this article.