Uploading website logos

How to upload a logo on your organisation website

Logos on websites do not feed from the database so if you update the logo in the database it will not reflect on the website. These logos need to be uploaded to the website directly in which they will then reflect within the fixtures and results page as well as the on the home dashboard of the relevant website.

Note: these instructions are based on when you are drilling down from league > club > team - this will be the same process if you are accessing it from just club level > team level.

  • If your league has clubs and the teams linked to these clubs will have the same logo please use the uploading logo onto a club website process.
  • If your league does not have clubs (e.g has a general club) or the teams under your clubs will have different logos than the club (e.g the club has a lion logo while the team will have a tiger logo) please use the uploading logo onto team website process.

When you update the logo on the club website, all the teams linked to this club will also display with the same club logo, so you won't need to upload a team logo indivdually.

Note: You will need to be granted access to the club website, so if you are a league you can just drill down into the club from league website level, whereas if you are from the club you will need to speak to the league who can grant you this website access.

Note: If you are a league/association admin or an organisation that does not have clubs etc below you then please jump directly to STEP 4 as the process is the same.

1. Go onto the league website 

2. Click into the Club Websites menu

- Can be located at the top of the webpage


3. Select a club and click into the webpage

4. Scroll down and click on the Website Editor

5. Click on the Club Logo icon in the left hand corner

6. Upload the image (the image size should be around 200 pixels x 200 pixels) and click Update

7. Return to website

8. Club website now has the new logo