Aussie Hoops: Printing Certificates at the end of your program

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Aussie Hoops Player Certificates  By following these simple steps, you can print off your participants certificates with ease.  

Preferred Browser: Google Chrome (Firefox would also suffice) Please note: a standard printer will not print to the edge. If you want to print to the edge you would need to send this file as a PDF to a professional printer.    

1. From the dashboard click 'Reports'.      

 2. From the Reports Manager page, click 'Programs'.        

3. Click 'Run' under Aussie Hoops Player Certificate.        

4. Choose your program and click 'Run Report'.    


5. The below image is an example of the Certificate that will appear in a new window.  By scrolling down the page you will see each individuals certificate pre populated, ready for print.        

6. It is important you setup your print settings correctly. Ensure that the image layout is set to 'Landscape' and that the 'Background colours and images' box is ticked.        

You can also save your certificates as a PDF and send to a printer to be printed. Progressional printers would be able to print right to the edge. This would mean there was no white border around the edge of the purple boarder.      

Please note - to save the certificates, click 'File', 'Print' - 'Save as PDF' and name the file accordingly. 

Can't resolve your issue with this article? CLICK HERE to submit a support request to your local Basketball Network representative.