Conditional Fields

Conditional Fields Explained

Conditional fields provide Administrators greater flexibility over the way in which fields are displayed, on a Registration Form, as well as providing a greater user experience. It allows admins to display certain fields on a form only if another question is answered as that particular field may only be needing for certain types of members to have answered and not needed for everyone to fill out. These can be questions like, if you are a coach what sport do you coach, if you are a rep player or not etc.

Administrators are now able to set “Control” fields, which if selected by a user can force the Registration Form to show or hide further fields on the form.

We will use the following example in this article:

As an administrator, I wish to capture if a member happens to be a rep player and if so, how many years have they played rep for.


Before setting up the fields to display correctly in the form you first need to create these custom questions/fields.

You can do this by creating custom fields (if you are an association) or creating unlimited custom fields (if you are a club or even state level).

For this example we have created the following custom fields:

  1. Are you a rep player? - this was created as a custom lookup field as we need a YES or NO answer to this question.
  2. Rep years played? - this was created as a custom number field as this requires a member to input a numberical value. 


After creating the custom fields needed you now need to add these fields to the form. If you want these members to have to fill them out before completing the registration then make sure both of them are set to COMPULSORY.


2. Click EDIT against the relevant registration form

3. Click on the FIELDS tab

4. Scroll to find the fields you created and set them as COMPULSORY

5. Click SAVE

NOTE: if you wish to see these fields listed against the members profile as well, make sure this is set to be EDITABLE against MY LEVEL and LEVELS below. Although on the form it will be complusory as you have some members that are not rep players you still want to see the no answer on their profile.


In order for the fields to be conditionalised correctly within the form they need to positioned next to each other in the layout of the form otherwise they will not show correctly.

6. While remaining within the form click on the LAYOUT tab.

7. Scroll to find the fields and then drap and drop them into the place where you want them to sit within the form based on your other questions. Make sure the first question is sitting on top and then other question is sitting below it.

Once you have dragged and drop it will automatically SAVE your change.

In this example ARE YOU A REP PLAYER is the first question that needs to be answered so this will need to sit first and then REP YEARS PLAYED will sit below it as it requires an answer.


NOTE: if you are unable to see the CONDITIONAL FIELDS option within the form then your sport/organisation may not have this enabled. If you are a club/association please speak to your sporting body regarding getting this enabled. If you are a private organisation and wish to have this enabled please contact our support team via email.

You now need to configure these fields to show accordingly within the form so only those who answer YES to the ARE YOU A REP PLAYER question are displayed with the HOW MANY YEARS field, as if they answer NO then this will not be relevent.

8.  Remaining within the form click on the CONDITIONAL FIELDS tab.

9. Click the ADD CONDITIONAL FIELDS button (top right hand side)

This is where you will now configure your first question to display as a ''question''. 

10. In the drop down box against WHEN select the ARE YOU A REP PLAYER question.

As the options in this question were set as YES and NO and the answer to this question needs to be YES you will need set this.

11. Select YES for the value.

You now are setting the second question to display as an ''answer''.

12. Set the visibility for the second question to SHOW (as you are wanting to show the second question)

12a. And select the REP YEARS PLAYED field as your option.

13. Click SAVE.

This has now been set to show in the form if a member selects YES for this question. The form will automatically know to hide the field if a member selects NO instead. 

NOTE: please make sure you go and test the form (don't have to complete the form all the way) to make sure the fields display as you need them to and go back into the form and change it if needed.

If you accidently selected the wrong fields you will need to start again, so just click remove and go back to step 10 and repeat the process again.

To see how this displays/works on a form see below. The video below will show how this Rep question shows on the form depending on the answer to the question:

Can I add more than one field as an answer?

No, conditional fields can only have one answer set to show/hide for a field. If you wish to have another question answered for the same inital question then just create another conditional field for the same question just with the different answer question.

E.g I need to know how many years a player has played rep as well as what club they played for.

Set up the conditional field question first for the ''years of rep'' answer and then create another conditional field the question with the ''for which club'' answer.

Can I set the conditional fields to show for only one type of member?

No, as the fields themselves cannot be set to only be displayed for a certain type of member, the fields will display for everyone regardless of whether they select new or existing or a specific member type. They can however, be set to show for specific Genders or DOB ranges- these can be configured against the fields themselves within the RULES section within the Layout tab of the form.

How do I remove a conditional field from a form?

If you need to remove the field/s completely from the form just click the REMOVE button against the field.