Conditional Fields

Conditional Fields Explained

Conditional fields provide Administrators greater flexibility over the way in which fields are displayed, on a Registration Form, as well as providing a greater user experience.

Administrators are now able to set “Control” fields, which if selected by a user can force the Registration Form to show or hide further fields on the form.

For example:

As an administrator, I wish to capture further medical information for participants who indicate they wish to allow medical treatment.

Using Conditional Fields on a Registration Form

1) Edit or Create a new Registration Form.

2) Ensure the Fields you wish to appear on the form as conditional are available for selection.

Note – you may wish to set the “Control” field as Compulsory. This depends on the nature of the field and may not be applicable to all “Control” fields.  

3) Ensure the Layout is configured to allow for the Conditional Fields

Note – When using Conditional Fields, you must ensure that the “Control” field sits above the additional fields you wish to appear as a result of the answer to the “control” field, this ensures that if selected the additional fields will show/hide.  

In this example, we will ensure that “member number” sits above all other questions. 

3) Select the Conditional Fields tab and Add Conditional Fields

In this screen we will define our “Control Field”, this is the field that will govern whether or not the additional fields will show/hide, based on the users selection.

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:cainesj:Desktop:Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.59.43 am.png

Once we have selected our Control Field, we can define the Rules for this field:

In this example, if the “Member Number” checkbox is select, we will also chose to show the fields:

Legal Firstname - Step 1

We can now see that our Conditional Field has been added:

4) Test Conditional Fields in Registration Form

We can see our Control Field appearing on the Registration Form as compulsory:

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