Schedula | FAQs for Administrators

How do I unlock a match?

  • The process to unlock a match can be found here.

How do I know when our officials will be notified of their appointment times?

  • You can find this under Schedula Profile > Manage Your Profile > Active Memberships

How do I change the notification time?

  • Please contact and we can do this for you.

I can’t seem to find a particular official in Schedula

  • First check that they’re registered in the current season as a match official in your primary GameDay Passport Umpire Club.
  • If they also officiate in another league their email address might already be used by that account. They’ll need to be marked/resolved as a duplicate in your primary GameDay Passport Club, then email and we can merge the two records in Schedula (we’ll need to know their first name, surname, DOB and the name of the leagues they officiate in)
  • For AFL users, check that they aren’t listed in the Pending Registrations section.

How can I see a report on my adjustments?

  • Contact and we can send this to you.

Can we use Schedula for practise games?

  • Yes, you should create a new competition for this in your primary GameDay Passport club. Make sure that you edit the practise game and click ‘Hide in Stats’ so the game doesn’t contribute to player career stats.

I’m not receiving the decline notifications, why is this?

  • Decline notifications are only sent to the administrator that made the appointment.

Our officials aren’t receiving their appointment notifications. Why is this?

  • Confirm that the emails aren’t going to their spam folder
  • If they aren’t, please contact and we’ll look into this for you.