Team to Association + Member to Team Forms

As part of the Online Registrations functionality, there is the ability to allow Team Managers or the Team Organiser to register a team directly to one a Competition or to the Association to then assign a Team to a Competition. During the same registration process, they can invite their friends to join the team as well.

This is unavailable for AFL. 

Let’s follow the story of John, a Team Manager for his social Team, as he registers his team and invites friends to play as well.

• Visits a website and see’s an invitation to enter a Team into a Competition

Description: 015-02-16_11-26-07.png

• Clicks on the link and is taken to the Team Registration Form – where he is then presented with two options.

Description: 015-02-16_11-26-16.png

• John has never played before, he and a group of mates want to play, so he chooses the ‘New Team Registration’ option.

• John fills out the Team registration form (Team Details, Duty team Details etc.) selects which competition he wishes to play and agrees to the terms and conditions. 

Description: 015-02-16_11-26-27.png

• John has now reached the summary screen of the registration form, it’s at this time, and John can now add the email details of his friends who are also going to play in the Team.

Description: 015-02-16_11-26-39.png

• Once John clicks Invite Teammates Now, each of his friends will receive an automated email, inviting them to join the team.


Hi John, has just entered a team into the Dubbo Touch Association Men’s Competition.

You have been invited to join this team.

To accept the invite click here It will take you just a few minutes and you will be registered to play.


• Each of John’s mates clicks on the link, which then launches the Member to Team registration form, and they complete all the relevant details and pay all the relevant player fees. So in a complete online process, each of John’s mates have joined his team, have joined the Association, paid their fees and are now ready to take the field and play their first game as a registered participant for the Competition.

• John as the team manager, receives a different automated email, which prompts him to register to the team and Association plus invite other friends to play.


Hi, we are just confirming that you have registered the following team into our upcoming season:

Team name: Dubbo Plumbers R Us

Competition Name: Men’s Competition

Team Code: 2721778 


Are you also going to play in this team?

You will need to separately register as a player. Click here to do that right now.

Hopefully you have already taken advantage of our auto email function that allows you to invite teammates to join your team. If you have extra players you need to invite, copy the link below into a separate email and send it to those people - that way you can have your team fully registered before the competition gets underway.

Thanks again for playing in our competitions.


All of this was managed through the online registration forms functionality, let’s now look at the set-up and what’s required for linking these two forms together.

From your Registration Forms screen, click on Add New Form

Description: 015-02-16_11-26-51.png

From the Team to Association Registration Form setup screen, make sure you activate the following options.

Description: 015-02-16_11-27-05.png


1. You will also need to create your next seasons competitions, for example A Grade Men, B grade Women, Unisex, reason being, you will need to select which competitions to be linked with this Team to Association registration form, that way your members know which competition to nominate for. So create your competitions first!

2. As with all Registration Forms created at the Association Level, with the Team to Association Registration Form you can customise the following:

- Settings

- Team Fields

- Layout of the Form

- The products your members can purchase (team nomination fee for example)

- Messages

- Notifications