Registration Forms | Overview

What is a Registration Form?

A Registration Form allows you to create, customise and publish a public-facing form for your members to complete as part of their registration to your organisation.

Registration Forms are a key asset and the central point to which you can add products, custom fields, messaging and branding to give your members a best-in-class registration journey.

When done well, setting up a Registration Form through your Passport database can completely transform the way you operate, giving you an automated and user friendly solution for collecting memberships and fees, and developing a database with clean, relevant and valuable data.

Among the many benefits of using Passport's Registration Forms are:

  • You can make use of our integrated payment gateway to offer payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Apply Pay and Google Pay.
  • Incoming funds are automatically settled to your nominated bank account on a weekly basis. Click here to learn more.
  • You can customise the vast majority of your Registration Forms to make it look like your own, making your brand front and centre and giving your members a strong first impression.
  • You can customise the structure of your forms based on a registrant's date of birth, gender, member type, question responses and more, allowing a single form to automatically present the right information to the right people.
  • Registration Forms can be used for membership registrations, program registrations and competition registrations for individuals and teams, and can be directed to any level of your hierarchy.
  • Form sharing allows higher levels of a hierarchy to create a form template and share it with lower levels of the hierarchy to add their own content and use it as their own unique URL.
  • Questions and products can be validated and mandated to ensure you are getting all the information you need from your members, and collecting payment at the point of registration.

Registration Form List

To access your Registration Form List:

1. On the left-hand menu, open your REGISTRATIONS menu:


Your Registration Form List will show you a list of any existing Registration Forms that you have created, or that have been shared with you from a higher level, including:

  • Registration Form Name: The name of the form as displayed in both your Passport database and on the front-end form for your members to see.
  • Registration Form Type: Denotes where registrations are being sent, and the type of registrant that would use the form. Click here for more information on Registration Form Types.
  • Primary Form: Indicates which form is your Primary Form.

If you are part of a hierarchy, forms will also be grouped by Parent Body Forms - forms that have been shared with you from a higher level - and by forms that you created in your own database.


Your Product List offers a number of actions, including:

1. Add A New Form button: Create a new form from scratch.

2. View Form: Opens the front-end registration form link in a new tab.

3. Link Form: Link a form to a parent body form.

4. Edit Form: Make changes to the registration form.

5. Copy Form: Copy an existing form to quickly create and edit a new form.

6. Replicate Form: Replicate the form to lower levels of the hierarchy to provide them with full control of a new form based on the replicated form.

7. Delete Form: Permanently deletes the form from your database.

8. Share Form: Copy the registration form URL to be shared in communications or added to your public website.

For more information on processes relevant to Registration Forms, please refer to the Related Articles section of this article.