GameDay View | FAQs

How do I get access to GameDay View?

If you do not have access to GameDay View and you are part of a multi-tiered hierarchy, please contact your governing body directly, as GameDay View is an additional feature that is not available as part of the default Passport configurations.

If you are a governing body, you can learn more about GameDay View and submit an enquiry about using the feature for your sport here

Can I add or remove widgets from GameDay View?

Currently, the widgets available on GameDay View is fixed and cannot be manually updated.

How do I know which specific dates are applied when applying a season filter?

Season filters are based on the seasons that are set up in your database. Most often, these are set up at the highest level of your sport's hierarchy, so if you are unsure which dates each season covers and do not have the functionality to create seasons turned on, please contact your governing body directly.