Team to Association Registration Forms

To add a Team to Association Registration form, follow these simple steps. 

1. Hover over Registrations and click 'Registration Forms'.

2. Click on 'Add a New Form'.

3. The first page is the Settings page, here you will need to:

  • Name the form.
  • Select Type of form - Team registering to an Association.
  • Ensure the Form Enabled box is ticked.
  • Check the box if you wish Payments to be compulsory
  • If you wish to receive individual team member registrations ensure you have created a Member to Team form previously and link the name of the Member to Team form via the drop down box.
  • If you run a club structure its important that you select the checkbox for Show Club Dropbox. You should also click on the Make Club Mandatory checkbox.
  • Determine your registration options – new teams only, returning teams only or both.


4. On the Fields page, select the Fields you wish to make Editable and Compulsory.

5. One the Layout page, adjust the layout of the form by using drag and drop of the grey boxes available

5a. Header blocks can be added in order to break up sections.


5b. Text blocks can be added to add additional descriptive text to a section.

 6. On the Products page, select the 'active' box of any products you wish to add to the form.

 7. On the Messages page, add any suitable messages you wish to add to each section of the form

9.The next page is the Notifications page, indicate via clicking the check box any appropriate stakeholders who should receive notification of a Team Registration.