How do I create a Course?

Create New Course

From Centre level:

1. Click 'Courses'. 

2. Click 'Add'.

3. Select the Template for the Course you wish to create.

(Note: If a required course template is not appearing contact your national body as they may need to accredit your center to run this course type.)

4. Select Location Type and then in Location choose the venue for the course.

5. Ensure you set a start date/time in the future. Next set a course capacity (maximum number of registrants). Once the capacity is hit the public course finder will disable registrations and switch to an Expression of Interest form which will capture people interested in the course in the event that places become available. 

6. Managing Session information will allow you to provide information on the schedule for the course. This will be emailed to members when they register and will display on the public course finder.

7. If configured, certain courses will have roles to which instructors can be assigned by clicking the box next to the role name and a list of eligible staff will appear. For an instructor to display for allocation to a course they must meet the qualification prerequisites of the role and be registered as a member within the center as well as assigned to the staff contact details in the center locator.

8. Select Days Run if relevant.

9. Enter Course T&C’s if relevant (these will appear on the course registration form in addition to the T&C’s already configured by your governing body)

10. Once the fields are completed and you are satisfied with the setting click 'Create Course'.