Courtside: Reporting on Referee Confirmation

Associations wanting to find information on which of their referees confirmed which games are now able to run a report to gather this information.

  1. Log into your association database via your passport account
  2. Select the Reports tab on the menu

3. Select Competition > and then select the Advanced Fixture option

4. Add the following fields onto the report to get the correct information related to matches:

  • Season - filter to EQUALS and your current season
  • Competition name
  • Match Date
  • Team 1
  • Team 2
  • Team 1 score
  • Team 2 score

5. The fields admins need to include on the report to get information on what referees confirmed each of the matches are the following. These fields can be found at the bottom of the list under the results tab.

Note: these fields can vary so feel free to add or remove any fields that you want to report on. 

6. The report should look similar to this and depending on what fields you choose and how many umpires you have, will depend on if one or all four referees fields have data. These fields will have the first name and last name of each referee listed.

Note: if you cannot find these fields listed in the report, this will mean this referee reporting configuration has not been enabled for your association so please contact the Basketball Australia support team to get this enabled for your association.