Registrations | New Season Checklist

The following article is to be used as a guide for administrators ahead of a new registration season to ensure your organisation is ready to accept online registrations & payments.

To assist you with troubleshooting registration setup and season rollovers, please see our Registrations FAQ's - For Administrators article.

Prior to opening your Registrations & Payments ahead of a new season, please ensure you complete the following actions in your database:

Step 1: Roll over your Current and New Registration Season

Assigning a Current Season sets the default filtering options when viewing members, competitions, teams, etc. Assigning a New Registration Season ensures that all new members who register through one of your registration forms will be allocated to this season - Learn More


Step 2: Nominate your Bank Account

If you haven't done so in your organisation database already, nominating your bank account allows you to receive online payments through weekly settlements if you are collecting funds through Passport's registrations platform - Learn More

Step 3: Create or copy your new season's Products

Each new season requires that you create a new set of products, either by creating them from scratch, or copying previous season products and making any necessary adjustments.

We recommend copying previous products and updating the naming conventions of the new products to reflect the new season. For example, your '2023 Membership Product' can simply be copied into a new product and renamed '2024 Membership Product' - Learn More

Step 4: Update or Create a Registration Form

Creating or updating a Registration Form allows you to set up your entire registration process, including the configuration of general settings, fields, layout and presentation, products, custom messaging and notifications - Learn More

Note: Registration Forms are often created by the highest level of a sport's hierarchy, so you may only be required to update your own organisation's information, such as your products and custom questions. If you are unsure whether you need to create a Registration Form at your level, please contact your governing body directly

Step 5: Add your Products to a Registration Form

With the previous two steps complete, you'll need to ensure you replace the products attached to the registration form with the new season products you created in step 3 - Learn More

Step 6: Add your Registration Form to your website

If you manage a Passport Website as part of your platform feature set, you can integrate a Registration Form widget to expose your new season registrations on the website - Learn More

Step 7: Configure and save your Funds Received Report

Building and saving a Funds Received Report gives you a quick and easy way to reconcile the funds coming into your database and the settlements being deposited into your nominated bank account - Learn More