Registrations | New Season Checklist

The following article is to be used as a a guide for administrators ahead of a new registration season, to ensure your organisation is ready to accept Online Registrations & Payments.

For Registrations Troubleshooting/FAQ's please see our Registrations FAQ's - For Administrators article. 

Prior to opening your Registrations & Payments ahead of a new season, please ensure:

  1. You have rolled over your New Registration Season. Note: this is not available for all sports, in which case New Registration Seasons are controlled by your national body. 
  2. If you are not yet accepting Online Payments, and would like to you can submit a Payments Application
  3. You have Created OR Copied your Products from the previous season, and have made the applicable adjustments to reflect the new year and any price adjustments. 
  4. You have updated OR created your Registration Form
  5. You have added your Products to your Registration Form
  6. You have added your Registration Form to your Website
  7. You have configured your Funds Received Report