Statistics Template Configuration

The configuration options for player and competition statistics provide association administrators with a great deal of flexibility in how they record and collate statistics. Associations can customise the statistics that are recorded and how they appear on your website.

Default Stats Templates   

As a starting point, each Association database will have a set of default stat templates applied to it. These default templates can be changed if you'd like to utilise your own customised Stats Templates.  

To find out which default stats template has been applied to your database:      

1. Click on the settings cog at the top right corner and click Settings  

2. From the Settings screen click Statistics Templates which is located underneath the Manage Competitions menu heading 

3. To change or select a default stats template, choose a template from the appropriate drop down list          

4. If you are wanting to add a new statistics template click the Add button on the right hand side      

5. To view the details of the current statistical templates click on the Magnifying Glass to the left of the template name    


6. To edit the current templates click Edit Fields        

7. To Delete an existing template click Delete Template to the far right of the template name

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