How do I set up competitions to allow players to be manually added to the Courtside App?

Admins need to set the following configurations to allow the Courtside app to allow manually added players - you can change this at any time throughout the season.

This is done within each specific competition you want to allow members to be manually added.

1. Log into your association database

2. Competions > list competitions > select the relevant competition

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page under the COURTSIDE heading where you have input all your courtside game settings

4. Against the Allow Players Added Courtside field, select the relevant option in which you want to allow players to be added

  • Never - players can never be added manually via the app at any point in time
  • Always - players can always be added via the app (both during regular season and finals)
  • Regular Season - players can only be added via the app during the regular season

5. Against the Allow Manually Created Player field, select YES to allow members to be manually added via the app.


If you want to turn off this configuration and not allow members to be added via Courtside at all, then adjust the two configurations to be NEVER and NO.