Promo Code FAQ's

Can promo codes be used for any product type?

Yes, promo codes can be used for any of the product types when creating a product.

Can promo codes be applied to more than one product?

Yes, promo codes can be applied any number of products you wish. There has to be a minimum of one product selected to allow the promo code to work.

Can promo codes be used for multiple members (within the one registration session)?

No, promo codes can't be used when a member is registering more than one person within the one registration session so please make sure if members are using the one product for more than one member that they are registered within different registration sessions. Or make adjustments to the registration form so that multiple members cannot register within the one form at a the same time (within settings of the form).

Can promo codes be used on products with multiple pricing?

No. As multiple pricing is actually a discount in itself; as each consecutive person is paying a lesser price, promo codes is irrelevent as you can't add another discount to an already discounted product.

Can promo codes be used for higher or lower level products within a heirarchy?

No. Promo codes can only be used and assigned for products at the level it was created it - they cannot be assigned to higher or lower level organisations.

E.g if you create a promo code at state level, you can only assign products created at that state level to that promo code. 

Can promo codes be used for multiple products within the one form?

No, similar to how promo codes can't work for multiple members and multiple pricing, our forms don't allow multiple promo codes set for different organisation's products within the one form. The rule is basically one promo code per form.

E.g: if you are using a national form that has national fees, state fees and club fees, and the national and state fees are being discounted, the national and state fees cannot have individual promo codes assigned to them to be applied within the form at once. 

If there was to be a discount on national and state fees for example, it will be best for the national body to create both the national and state fees from their level and set a specific amount to be discounted and then assigned all those national and state fees to that promo code and pass that promo code down to relevant clubs and leagues so they can inform members, so when that code is input in the form, then all those products will get the discount applied.

Is it possible to create unique promo codes that can be used for specific members?

Currently promo codes are only generic and cannot be used for specific members. If you wish to have something like this then it will be best to create a specific product and promo code for those specific members and get them to use that. 

We may consider allowing specific promo code functionality in future.

Can promo codes be used along with Active Kids Vouchers?

Yes, promo codes can be used in conjunction with Active Kids Vouchers (AKV). They can be used for the same products that the AKV are used for or they can be used for products unrelated to the AKV.

If wanting to use AKV and promo codes, please note:

Currently AKV take money off any membership product and one usually of a higher value, so if the promo code product is of higher value than the AKV product then the AKV will take some off money from that product as well as value of the promo code and take off the remaining AKV value against other products selected. If the promo code product is of the same or lesser value the AKV may take money off that product as well depending on other selected product prices.