Which payment options can I use for my registration?

Participants and members have flexibility in how they choose to pay via Passport which offers PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card, POLi Payments (NZ customers only) + Apple Pay and Google Pay across a number of different currencies including:

  • AUD - Australian Dollars
  • CAD - Canadian Dollars
  • GBP - Pound Sterling
  • EUR - Euros
  • HKD - Hong Kong Dollars
  • INR - Indian Rupees
  • NZD - New Zealand Dollars
  • SGD - Singapore Dollars
  • USD - US Dollars

To complement these payment options, participants & members registering and paying online will also be able to vault (save) their preferred PayPal account or Credit/Debit card for future use. 

As an additional security measure, there is a card verification process to protect against fraudulent transactions.

GameDay is PCI DSS compliant via its payment gateway partners.

Credit Card Verification FAQ

After registering, I have had a member say that a $1.00 transaction come out of their account and they are unsure what it is for?

Our payment gateway verifies a new credit card by running either a $0 or $1 authorisation and then automatically voiding it. For most processors and card brands, transactions are initially tried with a $0 authorisation. If $0 authorisations are not supported, a $1 authorisation will be performed automatically.

In any instance where a $1.00 authorisation returns a successful result, we immediately follow up with an automatic void request to ensure that the transaction does not settle and that it disappears from the cardholder's statement as soon as possible.

Note: Some banks don't recognise void requests immediately. It's possible that after the void is issued, your customer will still see the pending charge. If this happens, have your customer call their bank; the bank should be able to see the void request and update your customer's bank statement accordingly.