Programs - Overview

To use the Program functionality, complete the following steps:    

Step 1: Add a Member Record Type for Program Participants  

Follow the steps to create a Member Record Type for the Program you are creating. Please ensure that you map this Member Record Type to the appropriate State (Parent) Type. Contact your State Association if you are unsure about how to do this.    

Please Note: It is important that you set up a Member Record Type to assign to anyone who participates in a Program that your organisation is running. If you do not do this, you will have to assign Program participants a Member Record Type that you use for your Members, meaning Program participants could be included in your membership count.    

Step 2: Add/Edit Contact Details  

It is important to make sure your club contacts are up to date. To add or edit Club Contacts either view the Support Article or complete the following process:  

1. On the Club dashboard, click on Contacts:

2. The Contacts page will now appear:

3. Select the role to add details. You can add multiple people for a role if required:

4. Publish on Locator determines whether the contact person's name and contact details are displayed on your GameDay website (provided your site is configured with a locator).   

5. When you have finished adding contacts, click Save.    

Step 3: Setting up a Program will be set up at national level for clubs to participate in. The following steps outline how you can set up a Program:  

1. Login to your club database and select Programs in the header.   

2. Click on Add a New Program  

Please note: You need to add a new program for every individual day you run. For example, if one Program is a Monday and the other is a Friday, they need to be set up as individual programs.      

3. Choose the Program you wish to create. This can be selected from the drop-down list set by Yachting Australia. Click 'Create Program' when you find the Program that you want to set.      

4. The next screen will give you the ability to edit the Program. In this screen you need to complete the Program details specifically for your club.  

Please note: There are some restrictions that are set by the national body to create a standard national program. All fields that have a red dot against them are mandatory.  

4.1. Program Name: The default Program Name will be automatically populated. You can alter the Program name as required.  

4.2. Program Type: You'll need to set up a Program for each Program Type you want to offer.

4.3. Active: By ticking Active, the Program will be made available to the public.  

4.4. Location Type:  Select Club. This will enable you to select the Locator details for your Club. If you need to update your Club Locator details, please view the support article. Please Note: To be able to add your Club location, the 'Venue Name' field must be populated in the club locator.  

4.5. Location: If you have selected Club in the Location Type you will be able to select your Club location.

4.6. Start Date: Add an official start date of the program.

4.7. Start Time: Add the Program Start Time in 24 hour format.  Please Note: If you want to run different times for a Program, you'll need to set up a Program for each time you want to run a Program e.g. if you want two times (10am - 12pm & 1pm - 3pm), you'll need to set up 2 Programs - a separate Program for each time.  

4.8. End Date: Insert the Program end date.  

4.9. Capacity: Add the maximum participant Capacity for the program you are setting up. If you do not have a limit on the capacity and want to take all participants simply enter a very high number.  Please Note: Once the number of people registered for a Program reaches the capacity you have set, no additional people will be able to register for the Program. It is advised that you set the capacity slightly above what your Club can manage to account for people who register for a Program but do not attend. e.g. if your Club can manage 100 people, set the capacity at 110.    

4.10. Manage Sessions: Enter the individual session times.  

4.11. Days Run: Enter the day of the week that the Program will be running. Ensure that the day of the week matches your start date.  

Once you have added the required details click 'Create Program'.        

5. To view and manage the list of Programs set-up for your club, click on Programs within the left sided panel.