How do I grant admin access to Schedula?

Administrators in Schedula are those who have the ability to manage and update the List of Officials, facilitate Manual and/or Automatic appointments and run Reports. Schedula allows you to specify as many Administrators as you like. The more Administrators you have, the lighter the workload for everyone. The following instructions will explain how you can enable people within your Organisation with Administrative privileges.

1. Login to Schedula and navigate to List Administration>Search Official List.

2. On the Search Official List dialog, enter in some search criteria to find the person you want to enable as an Administrator then click Search. Click on the person’s name to bring up their Profile. 

3. On the person’s Profile page, scroll down to Registration Details. 

4. Next to the Organisation you would like this person to Administer, click Modify. A popup dialog will appear. 

5. On the Modify Registration dialog, select Administrator and click Save & Close.

6. The Registration Details area will update reflecting this new registration. You have successfully added a new Administrator to your Organisation