Player Competition Statistics

This will allow you to define the statistics that are recorded for all players within a competition and will give you the ability to easily view the statistics for a player within that competition.  

To set up a Player Competition Stats template:        

1. Click on the Cog on the right hand side of the dashboard and click Settings.  

2. Under Manage Competitions, click on Statistics Templates.       

3. Click on the Add a Statistics Configuration button in the top right hand corner      

4. Enter in a name for the template and select Player Comp Stats from the drop box  

5. Click Update Statistics Configuration    

6. You will then come to a screen that will allow you to define which statistic categories you would like to capture for Player Comp Stats. The fields that are available on the screen below are set for all associations and leagues across your particular sport. Click and drag across the statistic fields that you wish to use from the Available Fields box on the left across into the Selected Fields box on the right.      


7. If you’d like to sort your Player Comp statistics by one of the particular fields, select it from the Sort drop boxes at the bottom of the screen      

8. Click Update to save the Stats Template    

The Player Comp statistics can then be accessed from the database by clicking on Competitions on the left hand side menu, then click on the specific competition. From there you will see the Player Comp Stats menu which will display all player stats for players within that competition. 


Apply the Stats Profile to a Competition    

Applying a Player Competition Stats Template to a competition needs to be done through the Competition Setup screen. Once you have set up a either a Player Comp, Player Round, Team Match or Player Match Stats Template, you will need to select it from the appropriate drop boxes.