How do I lock fixtures in bulk through Schedula?

As a Schedula administrator, fixtures need to be locked in order to process your Pay Periods and facilitate the official payment process. Whilst fixtures can be locked individually, you can speed up the process by locking multiple fixtures at once through the Bulk Lock Fixtures feature.

Note: Only fixtures that are locked will be included in all payment reports. When processing a pay period, Schedula takes into account the date the fixture was locked, and not when the fixture actually occurred. Make sure that you lock your fixtures within your defined pay period for those appointments to be included in your pay period.

To bulk lock fixtures:

1. In the left-hand menu, click Manual AppointmentsBULK LOCK FIXTURES

2. From the dropdown options, select the LeagueSeason and Week that you want to bulk lock fixtures for and click SHOW FIXTURES

3. From the list of fixtures for the selected week, use the checkboxes on the left to select which fixtures you want to lock.

4. Once you have selected the fixtures you want to lock, click BULK LOCK FIXTURES

You have now locked fixtures and are ready to process a pay period.